Ask Me Anything! Jennie Ives, ENGAGE 2021 Event Team

Jennie Ives
Jennie Ives Employee
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Checking in with a short video message for you all! Drop your ENGAGE 2021 questions below once you watch and I'll be right there to answer. PS. Bean says hello!



  • Alison Clancy
    Alison Clancy Employee Admin

    @Jennie Ives Will Bean be attending ENGAGE this year? I wonder how many pets will be watching alongside their owners! 😍

  • @Alison Clancy you bet! He'll have a front-row seat from my lap 🐶

  • Kimberly Loveless
    Kimberly Loveless ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Are there going to be break out sessions this year or just one big session? @Jennie Ives

  • @Kimberly Loveless Thanks for the question, Kimberly! There are no breakouts; the event will be a 90-minute keynote spotlighting four customers who've built amazing solutions using Smartsheet. We'll also feature some great product demos throughout the event. If you're interested in continuing to learn after October 19th, check out the Build Your Own Agenda page; we're running six weeks of Roundtables and ENGAGE special edition Webinars so folks can dive deeper into the keynote content

  • Raul Cabrera
    edited 10/11/21

    How can i subscribe to the event and know the schedule?

  • @Raul Cabrera Great question, Raul! You can register for the 90-minute event here and sign up for ENGAGE special edition Webinars and Roundtables, taking place for six weeks after the event, here.

  • Raul Cabrera
    edited 10/13/21

    Jennie is there a way that we can submit questions for the Webinar in advance. I have a couple of issues that looks very simple but are not available in Smartsheet.

    • Series values in Charts Dashboard, you can not edit the size or the position, and as you see in the attached screenshot the bar charts the view it is terrible with the numbers showing in the next color bar and no way to move where they really should be.
    • Columns description in the sheets. I create many reports from just one single backend sheet that is my Data lake information. I don't have this sheet accessible to everyone that's why i create reports, but the problem is that i can not have the columns descriptions into the report. Should be something that just mirror from the source sheet but it is not and there is not possibility to add new ones in the report either.

    I already submit enhancement request for both and i saw that many people is asking about these two maybe since 2 years ago and there is not a solution at the moment.


  • Hi @Raul Cabrera - Currently our platform does not support this functionality, but submitting an enhancement request is the correct route forward here so I appreciate you doing so. Thank you for raising this again!