Count of how many multiple values are returned


I have a multiple dropdown column that I am attempting to create a Sheet Summary formula to count how many times 4 of the 3 values are selected. The possible values are UNDER DEVELOPMENT, UNDER REVIEW, COMPLETED, PUBLISHED and INACTIVE. I want a count of how many records have UNDER DEVELOPMENT, UNDER REVIEW or COMPLETED.

My other formula to count just how many are marked PUBLISHED is:

=COUNTIF([Development Status]:[Development Status], "Published")

This one works fine, but now I just need to understand how to do the same but with up to 3 possible values. I don't want to count each one separately.



  • Ameya Athalye
    Ameya Athalye ✭✭✭✭✭

    Did you try using OR? You formula would look something like

    =COUNTIF(OR([Development Status]:[Development Status], "UNDER DEVELOPMENT", OR([Development Status]:[Development Status], "UNDER REVIEW", [Development Status]:[Development Status], "COMPLETED" )))

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