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Smartsheet Examples


I'm just wondering if you have a feature or a place where we can go and see actual examples of Smartsheets that fellow users have used for business cases?

Also, the speaker on ENGAGE today from Dell, her name was Becky, spoke about a Smartsheet she used and created for her company to come back to the office in a hybrid level. I would like to check with her and see if that is made public anywhere that we could view as an example. We are also working on a company restructure and hybrid model and would love to see if something like that Smartsheet model could work for us. We are looking for any resources on how to go about moving forward with this.


  • @Ashley Droessler Thank you so much for the question! This is something we continue to look into. There are a number of legal hurdles that prevent us from sharing out examples directly from other companies, but as things change we are hoping that one day this might be feasible.

    I do encourage you to post requests for specific use cases in our Staying on the Same Sheet category. Often folks are able to point you in the right direction of the template they used or can even sometimes share their info if it is public.

    In regards to your question on the hybrid workplace examples, please take a look at our COVID-19 response resource center. There you will find a number of different templates, including our "return to the workplace" template set.

    Hope this helps! :) Thanks for attending ENGAGE!