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    i have an excel sheet that is connected to a form I want to generate numbers From 001... How do I automatically number an item according to its kind in Microsoft excel eg. 001 will start the numbering of an item and another item will be also start from 001 eg. in (form) i have a drop down menu of different choices i want to give each choices its own sequential numbering so it means if i have camera, projector mobile phone on my dropdown list..

    it will be counting by the next entry


    projector -001





  • liz.mayeux
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    If it didn't matter if the numbering was sequential you could have the autonumber column as created by smartsheet & Join formula with the column for the type of equipment.




    =Join(Number@row +","+[Equipment type]@row+)

    if you need the numbers to be sequential according to their equipment type, then the formula gets a little trickier and you are working with if & countif formulas and embedded statements for adding the 00 in front of your number. IF this is the path you want to go by, you will want to build the formula one step at a time and add the embedded statements as each formula works properly. I would hate for you to create something long and complicated for it to error out and you don't know where it went "wrong".

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