I am needing a sub for A "SUMPRODUCT" formula I use in Excel.


I have costs and associated QTY's hosted in a separate sheet. The "A*B=Total" column I just added here to help explain what the "=SUMPRODUCT(A4:A10,B4:B10)" formula nested in E3 is performing. I could easily add additional columns in my smartsheet and then just run a formula to total the columns but I was trying to keep from adding additional columns to the sheet if possible. I have several of these formulas to run, so adding 4 additional columns to execute isn't optimal. Hoping this is an easy one.


  • Genevieve P.


    Smartsheet doesn't currently have a SUMPRODUCT function, so what you're describing here (additional columns to create your total values) is actually what I'd suggest.

    If you apply the "A*B=Total" as a Column Formula you then won't have to worry about it after the initial set up. You could then create a Report based off this sheet to create your overall totals, or a cross-sheet formula.

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