conditional fill a cell with value from another cell in the same sheet

I have a travel request form that user can fill out for self or for someone else. Fields involved are:

Requestor Name - person completing the travel form

Request for - who travel request is for. Value options are "Self" or "Someone Else"

Traveler Name - If request is for "Someone Else" then Requestor types in Traveler name

Question/Need: If Request For = "Self" then I want Traveler Name to populate with "Requestor Name"


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Tanya Brooks

    The way I would do this is to add a fourth, final column into your sheet (that won't be in the form). This would end up being the real "Traveler Name" column, and we'd use the other column only to populate data if "Someone Else" is selected.

    I'd have Conditional Logic in the form so the current "Traveler Name" field only shows if "Someone Else" is selected. This means that if "Self" is selected, the form will enter a blank cell into the "Traveler Name" field.

    Then in our fourth column we can apply a column formula that says, if the cell in the "Traveler Name" column is blank, return the "Requestor Name", otherwise, return the "Traveler Name".

    Example formula:

    =IF([Traveler Name]@row = "", [Requestor Name]@row, [Traveler Name]@row)

    Then you can hide the "Traveler Name" column that you've used in the Form and only show the fourth column in your sheet. Does that make sense?



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