COUNTIFS with Previous date or date to come


Hi, I'm having difficulties with the COUNTIFS formulas and dates. 

I have a table from another sheet in which I am interested in four columns (Track, Type, Due Date and Done). I would like to know the number of rows where track = "customer", type = "track action", due date = is greater than or equal to ten days from today and done= is not checked. 

Then I want to do the same thing but with due date = is less than or equal to 10 days from today. 

Here is the formula I wrote: 

=COUNTIFS ({RAID LOG Range 3}; TODAY(-10); {RAID LOG Range 1}; "Cusotmer"; {RAID LOG Range 2}; "Track Action"; {RAID LOG Range 3}; 0)

I can't seem to get the right result. Any advices ?

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