Trouble filtering 'old' rows based on an AND condition


I have a sheet with a Modified (Date) column and another column with a status indicator in the form of a dropdown menu. I am trying to make a filter that shows all rows where the Modified (Date)

date is 100 days in the past AND a specific option (stand-by) in the dropdown menu has been selected.

I have tried using:

What am I missing? 🙄


  • Are you looking for anything modified over 100 days ago? If so, that looks accurate. Without being able to see your data to have more targeted troubleshooting, I'd generally suggest...

    Filter by each of those two conditions separately first to see which one isn't working.

    Make sure you have a record that meets that criteria

    The filter looks accurate so it almost has to be something data related but its hard to diagnose without seeing the data. Maybe post a screenshot of 1 record that meets the criteria but isn't pulling in.

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