POWER function from Excel


I am migrating a CVSS calculator I found online into Smartsheet, and it seems that if I can find a way to replace the POWER function from EXCEL, the rest of the formulas will fall in line.

I need a solution to this formula : =IF($Scope1="Unchanged (U)",

$[R_S]1 * $[I_Mul]1,

$[R_S]1 * ($[I_Mul]1 - 0.029) -

3.25 * ($[I_Mul]1 - 0.02, 15))

I'm Currently getting # Unparseable error

If someone could take a look at the sheet and let me know if that's my only problem... It would be much appreciated.



  • Leibel S
    Leibel S ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Edward Townsend

    Not exactly sure what you are trying to do with your formula.

    If you are looking to copy the POWER function from excel you can simply use the '^' symbol and smartsheet will recognize it as an Exponent.

  • Edward Townsend

    =IF($T2="Unchanged (U)", $AZ2*$BE2, $AZ2 * ($BE2 - 0.029) - 3.25 * POWER($BE2 - 0.02, 15))

    This is the original formula, sorry copied it incorrectly, When I replace POWER with ^, I still get an error

    I'm not the owner of the original sheet, and the formulas they used

    are way out of my depth, I'd like to, however, transfer the functionality from the excel sheet to Smartsheets.

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