Preventing actions on certain days

I am creating a project plan that will be used as a template for several similar projects. The project has several shipments dates for "in process materials" to client for testing, but such shipping cannot occur on a Thursday or Friday. How can I set a rule that if the project automatically says something show ship on a Thursday or Friday that the day is moved to the following Monday?

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  • Parker Oxford
    Parker Oxford ✭✭✭✭✭

    You could do 2 separate columns where one is the attempted ship date and the other is the actual ship date where the second column contains a formula dependent on the attempted ship date.

    Using the formula below in the "Actual Date" column, you could achieve your desired display

    =IF(WEEKDAY([Attempted Date]@row) = 5, [Attempted Date]@row + 4, IF(WEEKDAY([Attempted Date]@row) = 6, [Attempted Date]@row + 3, [Attempted Date]@row + 0))
  • Thank you Parker. I will try that later today and let you know if it works

    Thanks for your assistance


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