Deadline Formula displays Past Due when dates are blank


I am using a fairly extended IFAND formula for determining task completion based on dates entered (Upcoming Deadline, Due Soon, Due Today, Past Due, Complete - Ahead, Complete - On Time, Complete - Late). When the dates are all blank, Past Due displays, which is not correct because the task hasn't even come up. Is there a way I can modify the formula so that if the start date and due dates are blank that deadline status is also blank or something that indicates no imminent action?

Formula: =IF(AND([Date Completed]5 = "", OR([Due Date]5 = TODAY(1), [Due Date]5 = TODAY(2), [Due Date]5 = TODAY(3))), "Due Soon", IF(AND([Date Completed]5 = "", [Due Date]5 = TODAY()), "Due Today", IF(AND([Date Completed]5 = "", TODAY() >= [Start Date]5, TODAY() <= [Due Date]5), "Upcoming Deadline", IF(AND([Date Completed]5 = "", [Due Date]5 > TODAY()), "", IF(AND([Date Completed]5 = "", [Due Date]5 < TODAY()), "Past Due", IF([Date Completed]5 < [Due Date]5, "Complete - Ahead", IF([Date Completed]5 = [Due Date]5, "Complete - On Time", IF([Date Completed]5 > [Due Date]5, "Complete - Late"))))))))

Example: Complete - Late and Past Due on the bottom portion are working as expected. On the top portion, it should not display. Due Date is not < Today because it is blank, but it shows Past Due regardless.

Thank you!

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