COUNTIFS giving different results than applying filter on sheet

I am running into a problem on calculating total counts for months of the year based on a variety of variables.

I first was using count(distinct(collect to give me unique SKU's only, but the result was not correct. Since I wasn't sure if the variables changing on different duplicate SKU's was causing the numbering screwups, I decided to live with duplicates and just use a COUNTIFS.

However I realized the COUNTIFS is also not giving correct results. I tested this by applying the same exact filters in my sheet, and its giving me a different number than the formula.

What am I doing wrong?

=COUNTIFS({SKU Detail - Parents}, <>11, {SKU Detail - Uncertain}, 0, {SKU Detail - 3D Handoff}, Month@row, {SKU Detail - Recolor}, <>"Existing", {SKU Detail - Reorder}, "")

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