Join/Collect formula shows blank


Hello, I am looking for help with the Join(Collect formula.

I have a sheet (homeowner sheet) that lists out all the owners of the homes we sell, each homeowner gets a row. I have a sheet that has all of the information for the project and I would like to use the join(collect formula to add in purchaser names into the project sheet. I have created the formula but get blank results, please help!

Here's the sheet I am looking to use the join(collect formula. I want to add the data in the Purchaser names column

Here's the sheet I need to extract the purchaser names from, I would want to extract the column labelled Name

Here's the formula I am using:

I tried swapping the ranges thinking I had made a mistake and it doesn't work. The cell is left blank although I know for a fact multiple homes have more that one purchaser, and even if it had only 1 purchaser it should display it but it doesn't.

Please help!


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