OR function with Index(Collect?



I am have some trouble getting the OR function to work with an Index(Collect.

This is the formula.

=IFERROR(OR(INDEX(COLLECT({Video Attach}, {MSN}, [New MSN]@row, {Description}, Description@row), 1), IF(Photos@row = 1, 1, 0) "")

The goal of the formula is to match columns 'MSN' and 'Description' with another sheet and set the checkbox if a match is found OR if the cell next to it has a checked checkbox, then also mark the box as checked.

However I'm getting #Unparseable, and I think I am using the OR function wrong, but can't quite work out why.

I can get Index(collect and the IF Statement to work independently, but together as an OR statement I doesn't seem to work.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong here?



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