Return a date from another sheet with multiple criteria

I have a form where I am collecting data from transit systems by month. I have formulas to other sheets to sum up expenditures and trip data. However, I want one sheet where I can see if a transit system has submitted data for the month.

I'm trying to use a formula to return a date to the "master sheet" and am getting an error message on this index formula:

=IFERROR(INDEX({ROAP Expenditures (approved) Range 3}, MATCH([Transit System]@row, {ROAP Expenditures (approved) Range 2}, AND(MATCH("Nov 2021", {ROAP Expenditures (approved) Range 4}, 0), "No submission"))))

I would like "No submission" to come up if the formula cannot find a submission. I'm getting an #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET error message. Help!


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