A way to collect the like data (email) from different Columns

Debbie Petersen
Debbie Petersen ✭✭✭✭✭


I have the need to extract a list from a sheet that will give me a list of all of the employees another employee is assigned to review.

My row contains is the name of the person who is submitting a review on others.

I have 5 columns that will contain the email address of the person who will be submitting a review. There are 106 rows that employees email can be listing on in any one of hte 5 columns.

I want a report or sheet that will give me the names of all the people that one reviewer has been assigned to:

Example - Who are all the people that DebbieP has been assigned to in all 5 columns on any rows.

I cannot figure this out and I've been on it so long I'm betting it's so simple I will kick myself!

Thank you!

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