Conditional search across multiple columns and get return the rows which has matched dataset



I have a sheet with user data (attached screenshot). I would like to design a dashboard or any other way where i can implement conditional search (on columns) and i can get the records (Rows) in return which are matched to those inputs. 

For Example: Search for users with Master degree and can speak Arabic language . 


Education Level: MS

Primary language: Arabic

Secondary Language: Arabic

Expected Output:

The sheet shows the Rows which are matched to this search criterion. 

Please advise.


  • Devin Lee
    Devin Lee ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can use the filter option to accomplish that task. Another option is to make a Report and select that sheet and create the filter that matches your needs. Filters on sheets are not selected by default but they are on Reports so depending on your needs one can be better than the other.

    For the filter to work on a sheet you will need to make a new column to join the languages columns in order for the filter to work properly. As of now the only option for filters on sheets is to meet all conditions or to meet just one. Report filters can be more complex.

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