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I have hit a wall with this formula. The intent is to count the number of attendees where the audiece type =Sellers AND the Status colum is Blue. The dates in am interested in are Nov 1 20201 - December 31st. I have data in my spreadsheet that matches the criteria. I have used the exact date construct in other formulas and it works. I have also used the Status =Blue as criteria in other formulas and it works as well

Smartsheet accepts the formula hence I believe it has been written correctly I am just not geting the data

=SUMIFS ({APJ Enablement Tracker Attendees}, {APJ Enablement Tracker Audience}, @cell, "Sellers", {APJ Enablement Tracker Status}, "Blue", {APJ Enablement Tracker Date}, >=DATE(2021, 11, 01), {APJ Enablement Tracker Date}, <=DATE(2021, 12, 31))

Appreciate any help with this



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  • ElissaM
    ElissaM ✭✭
    Answer ✓

    It is working :)

    Your formula worked. I then added the audience criteria to the end and I started seeing results

    For some reason the audience criteria needed to be last??

    Below is the working formula

    =SUMIFS({APJ Enablement Tracker Attendees}, {APJ Enablement Tracker Status}, @cell = "Blue", { APJ Enablement Tracker Date}, @cell >= DATE(2021, 11, 1), {APJ Enablement Tracker Date}, @cell <= DATE(2021, 12, 31), {APJ Enablement Tracker Audience}, @cell = "Sellers")

    Thank you so much for your help Paul


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