Stop counting days when a row is approved


Hello all!!

Im hoping to get some help with calculating a day count for my sheet.

Currently, we have "=TODAY() - [Date Received]@row," in the "Days in queue," column which counts the days from when we receive an action to the current date, but we would like to add a formula to where the count stops once the "Approval Sent" column gets a date added.

Thank you!!


  • J.H. Lim


    =IF([Approval sent]@row<>"",TODAY() - [Date Received]@row,"")


    If the Approval Sent cell for that row is not (<>) blank (""), then show today's date minus the date received for that row. If the Approval Sent cell for that row is not not blank (should be filled in when Approval gets sent out), then display a blank cell ("").

  • Lisbeth Fuentes-Fernandez
    edited 12/10/21

    Is there any way the days can be counted in the "Days in queue" row and it stop counting once there is a date added in "Approval sent" column?

  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Lisbeth Fuentes-Fernandez

    J.H. Lim is on the right track! You can add an IF statement to say that if the cell is blank, run your current formula. All that's missing is what to do if the [Approval sent]@row is NOT blank (so it has been sent). In this case, you can subtract the Date Received from the Date Sent, instead of Today.

    Try this:

    =IF([Approval sent]@row = "", TODAY() - [Date Received]@row, [Approval sent]@row - [Date Received]@row)

    Let me know if this makes sense!



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