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How do I get an email notification when someone makes a comment?

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Hi everyone

I'm perplexed that the comment feature doesn't allow you to notify specific collaborators when commenting on a row. How does one know when a comment was made and specifically if directed @ them? 

Anyone have any suggestions how to make this work? 




  • I add notifications for myself and others from the Alerts tab at the bottom of the sheet. You can add a new notification for when there are changes in specific columns and select the comments column.  It will then give you an option to be updated when a comment is added, updated, or deleted.

    The only issue with this is that it is not specific to who is assigned to that row and you will be updated everytime someone adds a comment at the row or the sheet level. 

    You can also set up notifications so that the person assigned to a specific row is updated when anything in the row is updated.

    Sometimes I also leave or respond to a comment and then forward the thread to the parties that I want to view those comments.

    Hope this helps.


  • In addition to the trigger Brandy described for when comments changes, you can also add a condition to filter it down, like when it is assigned to you.

    Or, you can have it email the Assigned To person in those circumstances.

    There isn't a way to @mention a person and have them get the notification. So as Brandy suggested, you might send an Update Request to the person you @mentioned


  • kevinluther111
    edited 02/22/18

    If comment notifications are enabled, the post author will receive an email when a new comment is left on a post they wrote. Comment notification emails are sent to the post author at their account’s email address.

    You can choose to receive an email for every comment or just for comments that are held for moderation. You can change these options from the Settings → Discussion page:

    E-mail me whenever:

        Anyone posts a comment

        A comment is held for moderation

    The comment notification email has all of the information about the comment including the title, author, email, URL, IP address, comment contents, and links to approve, delete, or mark the comment as spam.


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