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I have multiple similar sheets that I have working off dates to record data by month. At the end of the year, I have to go in and adjust the sheet to record data for the next year.

Currently the majority of my formulas use the DATE function inside SUMIFS.

Example: =SUMIFS({2021 Total Amount}, {2021 Complete Date}, >=DATE(2021, 12, 1), {2021 Complete Date}, <=DATE(2021, 12, 31)

Is there a way to use 2 other columns within the sheet to provide information for the formula for the beginning and end dates so that I am changing the dates of 2 columns versus the dates inside each formula for each cell throughout the sheet? I think the formula should look something like this but it keeps coming back 0

Example: =SUMIFS({2021 Filed Total Amount of Job}, {2021 Filed BM Date}, >=[Month Start]@row, {2021 Filed BM Date}, <=[Month Finish]@row) ...Month Start and Month Finish would be the 2 columns added with the beginning date and end date listed for each month.

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