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Hello SS Community. After struggling with syntax for VLOOKUP cross-sheet formula, I found information on index/match. I think this may be the formula and solution that I'm looking for.

I have sheets for each term with student data and course credit counts for that term. Here are two examples:

Not all students are in each term sheet. I want to create a new sheet that combines credit counts for all students enrolled in the program by inserting a cross-sheet formula with an index/match (or vlookup if that's the best solution). I am looking for syntax for the "Transfer" and "Fall" columns below that returns the red value.

In the Credit Count sheet in the cell with the red 3, I tried =INDEX({OL Transfer Credits Range 1}, MATCH(ID@row, {OL Transfer Credits Range 2})) where Range 1 is the column "Transfer Credits" and Range 2 is the column "ID" in the OL Transfer Credits Sheet.

I get the correct value, but when I try to apply the same formula to the rest of the cells in the "Transfer" Column, I do not get the correct value that matches the student record from the OL Transfer Credit Sheet.

Thanks for any insights!


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