Using countIfs with reference and multiple conditions


I am trying to create a summary view using values of 2 columns.

=COUNTIFS({Final Status}, "Pass With Remarks", {Internal Status}, CONTAINS("Fixed", {Internal Status}))

I want that if any cell in range Final Status has "Pass With Remarks" and any cell that has Fixed in range Internal status should be considered. The formula is not giving any error but I am getting 0 as count even if the data is as per the condition.

I am not sure 🤔 about the mistake I am making.

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  • SachinTaneja
    SachinTaneja ✭✭
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    Hi @hollyconradsmith ,

    Thanks for your response. I tried using both solutions and the one that worked was

    =COUNTIFS({Final Status}, "Pass With Remarks", {Internal Status}, CONTAINS("Fixed", @cell))

    If I use HAS then only those rows are considered where the Value was just FIXED. It is not considered when it is part of a sentence Partially Fixed - Rest dev. in progress


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