How to: Take data in a row and show it in a column in a dashboard.

I'm looking for some ideas how to solve this.

I have data in a sheet that is in one row. 4 of the columns are the same type of data like phone numbers and descriptions of the phone numbers use like main or fax. In the dashboard I need these numbers and descriptions in column format for readability since we could have up to 10 or more numbers to display. I don't have access to apps.

Here is sample data:

Here is the dashboard's desired state. (data manipulated to show the end result)

I've tried using formulas like index and such that works when the data is in row 1 but when it's not the formula returns nothing. I am using a report, I haven't found how to transform the data in a report to accomplish what I need.

Updating or changing the way data is being added to the sheet would not be a good flow for our customers.

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  • Andrée Starå
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    @Roy C

    Glad we got it working!

    For others looking at this post.

    We used an INDEX/COLLECT structure.

    IFERROR(INDEX(COLLECT([phone 4]:[phone 4], [phone 4]:[phone 4], <>""), 1), "")

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