RE: Changing 0 to no and 1 to yes from a grid to a form


I have a some columns on a grid with possible scores of 0 or 1. How can 0 be reflected on a form created from the grid as "no" and 1 be reflected as "yes"?

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  • Heath Hilton
    Heath Hilton ✭✭
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    Vinton Douglas,

    This one is a pretty easy formula but I added a bit extra just in case you come across a 'blank' cell or one the doesn't show a 0 or 1.

    =IF([Value (0 or 1)]@row = "", "", IF([Value (0 or 1)]@row = 0, "No", IF([Value (0 or 1)]@row = 1, "Yes", "Invalid")))

    Let me know if you have any trouble with this.

    Hope this helps!

    Heath Hilton


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