VLOOKUP Across Sheets


Looking for some help from the SS gurus out there, VLOOKUPs across sheets this time. This is the syntax I have at the moment.

VLOOKUP({Data Entry - Stage 3 Range 1}[Variant SKU]@row, [Variant SKU]1:Tags2, 1, false)

Below are the source columns for the lookup, within our Data Entry - Stage 3 sheet.

We would use Data Mesh, but there is already quite a complex formula within this column. The full column formula is below for reference;

=[Invoice number]@row + ", " + Supplier@row + ", " + [Internal Identifier]@row + IF([Margin Scheme]@row = 1, ",Margin") + ", " + Childrens@row

Plus the additional vlookup.

Thanks in advance,



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