How do I "format" a column to only show my drop down menu if the row has > 3 ancestors?

FYI, I am a rank and file noob and my brain seems impervious to learning logic functions.

Thanks, Garth


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    This won't be possible in Smartsheet. Smartsheet column settings are same for all the rows.

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    Hi @gkinberg

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    Can you elaborate on how you would like to use it?

    I hope that helps!

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  • I feel this should be possible. I created a column "Level" that counts the ancestors for each row. I have another column "Stage" that is a single selection drop down menu with several different options to choose from. My thinking is as follows:

    In the "Stage" column header, or in one of the cells below, create an equation such as -

    =IF(Level@row>3, [display drop down menu])

    I realize the text in brackets [display drop down menu] is not the appropriate string of text in order to initiate the dropdown menu. This is one aspect where I need guidance.



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