Weekday formula question

I have a formula in Excel where I need it to return the Monday date from the week in the Inception Week column. For example 3/9/18 is a Thursday, but 3/5/18 is the Monday of that week. This formula works good except when the Monday of that week has to switch back to the previous month, like with the 3/1/18 date, the Monday of that week was 2/25/18 and the formula errors. Any ideas what I need to add to this formula to get that Monday date to calculate correctly for a previous month?

Inception Week formula

=IF([Customer Since Date]87 = "In Process", "", (DATE(YEAR([Customer Since Date]87), MONTH([Customer Since Date]87), DAY([Customer Since Date]87) + 2 - WEEKDAY([Customer Since Date]87))))

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