Date auto fill not working?

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I am trying to fill 3 months of consecutive dates without manually typing them all in, but all I get is the same 2 dates repeated, instead of consecutive dates? I am typing in the first 2 dates, then dragging the corner down, but all it does is repeat those 2 dates.


  • Hi @Angela_74

    What's the pattern between the two dates? It sounds like Smartsheet is recognizing the two dates as their own pattern to repeat instead of looking at the days between them. (See: Create a Series of Numbers or Dates with Drag-Fill)

    Try adding 4 dates, to show the repeating pattern, and drag the 4 down instead of just two. Did that help?



  • The dates are consecutive, so 01/01/22, 02/01/22 etc. The same things happens when I do 4 dates in a row, it just repeats those 4 dates.

  • Hi @Angela_74

    Can you check the Column Type for that column? If it's set to Text/Number then the values will simply copy. In order for the date to auto-fill it would need to be a Date type of column.

    Let me know if that was the issue!,


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