I have used the following formula to collect values from a source sheet into a target sheet:

=JOIN(COLLECT({Deviation#}, {Batch}, Batch@row), CHAR(10)) + CHAR(10) + JOIN(COLLECT({Classification}, {Batch}, Batch@row), CHAR(10)) + CHAR(10) + JOIN(COLLECT({Status}, {Batch}, Batch@row), CHAR(10))

Resulting Field has: 648659 Minor Open

  1. What do I do if I prefer to use a delimiter instead of the CHAR(10)?
  2. I have a situation where the source sheet has multiple rows from which results are being returned into the resulting filed, yielding: 648659 123456 Minor Major Open Closed. I would prefer the sequence to read:

648659, Minor, Open

123456, Major, Closed

Is this possible?


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