Formula to add a # of days to a date to calculate ETA


I have a form that calculates a TAT based on the amount of material requested (1-2 items is 4 days, 2-5 is 6 days, etc etc). I also have a column that is a date only version of the time stamp, so the requester does not have to enter "Date of Request" inthe form, it defaults to the date of the request this way. What I want to do is create a formula that add the TAT to the date of the request, to give an estimated date of when the items can be received. When I try =SUM([Date]@row, [TAT]@row) the cell is blank even though both columns have data in them. It doesn't even give me the typical #UNPARSEABLE (or similar) to indicate that the formula isn't working, it's just blank. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong or if what I'm trying to do is impossible?


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