I have a column that has 3 different entries for each row and I need to count each of them in the column. How do I use Countifs for this task? I keep getting either Unparsonable or Incorrect Argument Set

=COUNTIFS([Event Type]6:[Event Type]941, "Tag 1", [Event Type]6:[Event Type]941, "Tag 2", [Event Type]6:[Event Type]941, "Tag 3")

This renders a count of "0" (wrong count)

=COUNTIFS([Event Type]:[Event Type], "Tag 1", [Event Type]:[Event Type], "Tag 2", [Event Type]:[Event Type], "Tag 3")))

This renders 'unparsonable'

=COUNTIF([Event Type]:[Event Type], "Tag 1", COUNTIF([Event Type]:[Event Type], "Tag 2"", COUNTIF([Event Type]:[Event Type], "Tag 3")))

This renders 'incorrect argument set'

Can anyone help with this?

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