Any reasons why this formula stopped working?


Hello colleagues,

Hope you are doing great. I have faced problem with this formula which was working before: =IF(VLOOKUP([W/O]@row, {PAML Reg. 014 - Document Error Register Ka Range 1}, 8, false) = "", VLOOKUP([W/O]@row, {PAML Reg. 014 - Document Error Register Ka Range 1}, 5, false), "")

So basically this formula brings details of error (if there is any) which is in 5 column of the reference sheet if there is empty in referenced sheet 'Corrected By' cell.

This is the sheet where I want formula to work:

and this is the sheet that gathers info from:

Right now, desired formula shows as #NO MATCH. Been stuck a while trying to fix it, so decided to look for help here..

Thank you in advance!


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