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I am using the Card view to set up a Kanban board for our ongoing product enhancements. I have setup filters to search for keywords to be able to filter to see only certain cards. I have also setup the task label colors to label cards together by color as well.

Is there a way to build a filter that can sort by the label/task color code that was set up on the card? I did not see this as an option but maybe I am missing something?

I have built in conditional formatting to assign the task label color, and can build the filters the same way. But searching to see if there was any other easier functionality.



  • hollyconradsmith
    hollyconradsmith ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Jason Fruhschien ,

    To do this, you would need to add a column for "color" that reflects the same selections shown in the conditional formatting. You could use and IF( formula to set up the fields to automatically match your conditional formatting. For instance, IF([due date]@row>TODAY()), "Red", "Green"). You could also use the Harvey Ball symbols if those colors work for your schema.

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