Can I exclude certain criteria from my formula?

Hi there,

I have 3 main columns I am working with.

Column A = multi select dropdown (words/text)

Column B = A Date that is manually entered

Column C = A formula that counts 5 days from the date in Column B:

=IFERROR(WORKDAY([Column B]@row, 5, Holidays:Holidays), " ")

This formula is working well. It counts 5 days forward, excluding weekends and holidays.

What I am hoping to do, is not count 5 days forward, but return the same date in Column C as the date that appears in Column B, but only "IF" a certain word appears in Column A.

I am not sure what formula to add to my existing formula or how to nest or string them together. I was assuming i would need an IF or Vlookup, but not sure how to proceed.

Please help!

Thanks in advance


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