SUMIFS in date range using CHILDREN only



I'm trying to do what I thought was a fairly basic thing but I keep getting tripped up!

I have an expenditure spreadsheet with different categories divided into Parent -> Child -> Grandchild. I want to sum a column [Actual EX VAT] dependent on it happening within a date range in the [Order Date] column.

BUT to only include the items in its children.

I currently have the following in a cell that is a parent:

=SUMIFS(CHILDREN([Actual EX VAT]:[Actual EX VAT]), CHILDREN([Order Date]:[Order Date]), >=DATE(2021, 11, 1), CHILDREN([Order Date]:[Order Date]), <=DATE(2022, 1, 31))

Which works, sort of, but sums the whole of the [Actual EX VAT] column rather than just its children.

I have searched through previous questions without avail. Can anybody please help?

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