SUMIF (calculation formula)

I have a formula I need help with:

=SUM([Approved/Contracted Budget $$ (Total)]:[Approved/Contracted Budget $$ (Total)]) + SUMIFS([Requested Study Budget (Submission)]:[Requested Study Budget (Submission)], [Approved/Contracted Budget $$ (Total)]:[Approved/Contracted Budget $$ (Total)], @cell = "", Approved:Approved, 1)

This formula (above) works perfectly and compares 2 columns [Requested Study Budget (Submission)] to [Approved/Contracted Budget $$ (Total] and whatever one has a $$ amount, it adds to the [Approved/Contracted && (Total).

Now, I need to add another column into the mix and compare that one, as well. HELP!

So, if I had a 3rd column, how do I write that formula, if everything else remains the same.

Thank you, in advance.



  • hollyconradsmith
    hollyconradsmith ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Susan Swisher,

    It would help to understand what you need to sum or compare from the third column. Can you provide more details?

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  • Susan Swisher
    Susan Swisher ✭✭✭✭✭

    All of the columns are a $$ Amount, for example:

    Column 3: Contracted $$ Amount (1st), if that is filled in (SUM that) +

    Column 1: Requested Budget $$ Amount (Submission)

    Column 2: Requested Budget $$ Amount (After Review)

    Column 1 is always completed 1st (after Submission) ; if I approve and contract with the site, I complete Column 3 (Contracted $$ Amount); IF they site comes back and says (now, I need more $$), I would complete Column 2 (After Review).

    I need the formula to compare ALL 3 columns; always looking at Column 3 (1st) and then ADDING that Column to 1 or 2, depending on if they are completed or blank.

    Make sense?

    Column 1 (always filled out); Column 2 (doesn't have to be filled out).

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