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I know this can be done, but it is over my head. I need a formula that sums and averages based on a cell.

ex: Average the sum of Overall interview scores for each name. Ahlander has 2, Ahmed has 4.

I appreciate assistance.

Rebecca Panaccione


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  • Jeff M.
    Jeff M. ✭✭✭
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    Hi Rebecca,

    I believe this formula should work for you. You would keep adding onto it by repeating the section of the formula using the + symbol while changing the names each time to add another new name.

    =IF(Name@row = "Ahlander, Joseph", AVG(COLLECT(Score:Score, Name:Name, "Ahlander, Joseph"))) + IF(Name@row = "Ahmed, Nadia", AVG(COLLECT(Score:Score, Name:Name, "Ahmed, Nadia")))

    I hope that helps you out.


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