API search/get multiple rows in a sheet

I need some help formulating an API call to retrieve multiple rows of data in a sheet that have a specific key word.

I can successfully use the /2.0/search/sheets/xxxxxx?query="A2" query to get a list of rows however I don't know how to continue this query to then pull all the rows of data that match the query.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Odyssey Medical

    Does your source sheet have a filter on it that matches the value you're looking for? If so, you could use a Get Sheet request and apply this filter as a parameter:

    GET /sheets/{id}?filterId={filterId}&exclude=filteredOutRows

    Here's the documentation on this: Get Sheet



  • Can anyone actually confirm that the above ?filterid={filterId} works?

    we cannot get this work. the filter id never changes in the response.

    we have noticed that if you change filters in the smartsheet website, then the filter ID changes in the response.

  • ....?filterid={ID}&exclude=filteredOutRows didn't help me either could you find a way?