IF(AND or IF(OR formula for 3 variables.

Hello - I am trying to create a formula using "Less Than", Greater Than", and "Less than or Equal" to symbols to evaluate a Score column and in the Severity Column set the Severity to Low, Medium, or High dependent on the score in the Score column.

Above is what I am trying to recreate in the formula. I started off using =IF(AND but perhaps I should use =IF(OR

This is the formula as I currently have it. It comes back as unparseable.

=IF(AND([Impact x Probability Score]@row ≤ "5"), Low, IF(AND([Impact x Probability Score]@row > "5" ≤ "15"), Medium, IF(AND([Impact x Probability Score]@row ≥ "15"), High)))


  • L_123
    L_123 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Once you have checked an item for a criteria, you no longer have to keep checking it.

    =if(score@row <= 5, "Low", if(score@row <= 14, "Medium","High"

    Quotes are for "text", not numbers. Unless you formatted your numbers as text, but then ranges won't work.

  • Shajan
    Shajan ✭✭

    @L_123 Thank you - you put me on the right path.

    This seems to work: =IF([Impact x Probability Score]@row <= 5, "Low", IF([Impact x Probability Score]@row <= 15, "Medium", IF([Impact x Probability Score]@row > 15, "High")))

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