Text in a cell dependant on the presence of text in another?

I am a new perspective user of "SmartSheet" I have a scenarario I am trying to complete. I use excel right now, have been for a while. So i will explain like its excel somewhat what I am trying to do.

Cell C1 is formated for a date input column header is "Start Date". Cell D1 is formated for a date input, the column header is "Date Finished". Cell E1 is where i want the result and the formula, the column header is "Status". If C1 has a date present, E1 returns "Started". If D1 has a date present, E1 returns "Complete". If neither C1 or D1 has a date present, then E1 returns "Not Started". I know how to do this in Excel, but I cannot seem to get it to work in SmartSheet?


  • Jeff M.
    Jeff M. ✭✭✭


    This formula should work for you. Plug it into the first cell of the "Status" Column, then right-click and choose "convert to column formula". Let me know if you're wanting to try anything else.

    =IF(AND(ISBLANK([Start Date]@row) = true, ISBLANK([End Date]@row) = true), "Not Started", IF([End Date]@row <> "", "Complete", IF([Start Date]@row <> "", "Started")))

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