Callback URL not receiving callbacks, but webhook lists last successful attempt.

Hi all, I'm am trying to integrate Smartsheet webhooks into my teams Power Automate flow. I have created the hook, enabled and verified it using HTTP response connector in PA.

When making a change in the sheet as required my PA flow does not trigger. Getting the hook list shows a more recent timestamp for lastSuccessfulCallback so the change is detected. I set up a dummy API on pipedream to see if there's any issue on PA side, but it's not receiving any calls either. I tested both URLs and they work fine.

Here's the webhook itself:


            "id": {HOOK ID},

            "name": "Flow test 1",

            "scope": "sheet",

            "scopeObjectId": {SHEET ID},

            "subscope": {

                "columnIds": [

                    {COLUMN ID}



            "events": [



            "callbackUrl": "",

            "sharedSecret": "{SECRET}",

            "enabled": true,

            "status": "ENABLED",

            "version": 1,

            "stats": {

                "lastCallbackAttemptRetryCount": 0,

                "lastCallbackAttempt": "2022-02-15T14:36:40Z",

                "lastSuccessfulCallback": "2022-02-15T14:36:40Z"


            "createdAt": "2022-02-15T13:35:52Z",

            "modifiedAt": "2022-02-15T14:36:40Z"


Am I missing a step somewhere?