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I am pretty new to Smartsheet and have done the basic training on sheets. I want to track calls received in a call center by date. So it is a simple count of rows by date, with a number for each date 1 or more calls was received. I have worked out a summary that gets me the total calls over a date range, but I have not worked out how to break it out by date so I see how many calls came in on each date.

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  • Jeff Reisman
    Jeff Reisman ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    You would probably benefit from using a metrics sheet to do this.

    Create a date column in the metrics sheet, with a date on each row. In a count column, use a COUNTIF to find the total # of calls that match that row's date:

    =COUNTIF({Call Log Sheet Date Column}, Date@row)

    where {Call Log Sheet Date Column} is a reference to the Date column in your call log sheet.

    (When typing your COUNTIF formula, when you get to the opening parentheses [ =COUNTIF( ], Smartsheet will provide a link to Reference Another Sheet. Click on that, find your call log sheet, and select the Date column.)

    COUNTIF Function | Smartsheet Learning Center


    Jeff Reisman

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  • Ron R
    Ron R
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    Thank you. I worked it out using a report based on my call tracking sheet. Was able to then put a chart on a dashboard showing call counts by date.

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