Conditional formatting based on Status of a different cell


Is there a way to set a conditional format for a cell based on the data in another cell?

For example I have rows of actions that need to be completed ;

My columns have countries listed in one column "Belgium Date complete" then a second Column that is "Belgium Status".

I can create a conditional format that updates the cell "Belgium" grey when it changes to "complete" , but I also want to color the cell that is for Action 1, Belgium Date grey as well. BUT I ONLY want to change that one cell. I do not want the formatting to apply to all the cells in the row nor to the entire column.

The reason we are not using project is that the client wants to be able to see all the tasks "at a glance" and once the state is updated, I would like the associated date to update as well.

Snip is attached


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    Hi @Cyndi,

    I am having a bit of trouble understanding your question. When you say "Action 1" are you referring to the date under the Belgium column?

    Are you looking to have the cell containing the date under the "Belgium" column turn grey when the Belgium Status UK Status changes to complete?

    When setting up the conditional formatting rule, you first set the criteria. In my example, that's UK Status is "Complete." Then you tell the system what formatting to apply if the criteria is met. In my example that formatting is grey background. The last component is where you want the formatting to apply. In my example I selected the "Belgium Date Complete Column.

    The formatting will NOT apply to the entire column because I outlined a specific column "Belgium Date Complete" and a specific row, where the UK Status column is "Complete"

    Does this help?

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