Can I use a cell value in the sheet as a filter for a report that I'm using to populate a dashboard?


Scenario: I have a dashboard that updates every two weeks (sprints) that uses several reports to show work completed, in progress, and blocked (all three different reports). Each of those reports represents data from the master backlog file, based upon the current sprint as a filter for those reports.

Complication: The current sprint is a dropdown value in a cell, but that value is also presented in the sheet as an informational row at the top. If I want the report to update from sprint to sprint, I have to manually update the report filter to choose the new sprint for each of the three reports.

Desired State: I want the report to filter on the current sprint value from the cell in the worksheet (that gets updated automatically based upon a Vlookup in another sheet), but I do not know how to represent that value as one of the filters for those three reports.


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