If two conditions are met, one being a check box, then add a certain amount of days to a date

I have a formula that I've been working on for hours but my formula building skills are not awesome. Maybe someone with wizardry skills can help me out?

I have a sheet that contains these four columns below.

The "Estimate complete date" is populated with formula below (This is a truncated version of the formula, there are 7 different workflows with 7 different days to add)

=IF([Group Workflow]@row = "Standard ", ([start date]@row + 28), IF([Group Workflow]@row = "Reverification", ([start date]@row + 1)

The new ask is that if the Laggard box is checked, the days added to the estimate complete date should double. I'm attempting to build a formula that says: IF the Laggard = "1" AND Group A workflow = "Standard", add 56 days to the start date, and so on. The formula also needs to say IF the Laggard = "0" AND Group A workflow = "Standard", add 28 days to the start date.

I started with start one workflow to try to get the laggard condition to work but I'm getting a #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET error. How do I fix this and then add on for the next workflow?

=IF(AND(Laggard@row = "1", [Group Workflow]@row = "Standard ", ([start date]@row + 56)))

Alternatively, I've thought of using a look up table with the workflow column and a column for laggard days and non-laggard days. Is it possible to say if the box is checked Index match one column and if the box is not checked index match another column?

Thank you!


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