Report for creating stacked bar chart/graph with Column reference that is dynamic?


I am trying to create a report based on the RAID log where the stacked bar shows all items of a subject (example Absence) and on that stacked bar show items by type (Risk, Action, Issue etc).

I have upwards of 25 columns, so I want to have the column be referenced in the formula, without having to type in the Column name for each of the 25 rows. Is it possible to have the formula reference the column without having to use the words from the column name? I want something like the @row functionality but for the column.

My formula looks like this now, but I want to have the Absence piece be dynamic (and not hard coded) for 25 values.

=COUNTIFS({RAID Log | Type}, $Absence$1, {RAID Log | Functional Area}, Metric@row)

Am I going about this the right way


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