How to lock in a date "fixed date" in a sheet


MS Project has a way to lock in a date as a fixed date. Typically on a plan, an immoveable date. What I'm trying to do is have the system 'flag' any issues where, any slippage on the earlier task will start to risk that 'immoveable date' from being violated. I want the Automation rule to email me when a preceding task ends up risking that date not being met.... how do I do this (in Smartsheet, I know how to do it in MSFT Project).


  • Jeff Reisman
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    @Zach Zalowitz

    You can add a date field and set a date in it, either manually or by formula, or through automation based on another cell being changed...

    Create a helper column "Days Remaining" or something like in there calculating the days between your projected completion date and that immovable date (you can use NETDAYS, NETWORKDAY, or NETWORKDAYS to do this.)

    Functions List | Smartsheet Learning Center

    Then you can setup an automation rule, something like this:

    Trigger: When a row changes, when Days Remaining = 5

    Action: Send and Alert to specified recipients, contacts in a cell, or users shared to sheet.


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