Formula help - count of a value from a multi-select dropdown field

I have a column in a sheet that is a multi select drop down containing people's names. I then want to count the number of cells that contain a particular name - whether it's the only name listed or is one of the names in the cell. Can someone help me with what formula to use?

This formula is only counting the cells that have this person's name in it solely (i.e. doesn't have another name selected in the drop down): =COUNTIF({Wave 2 Tester}, "Ricky Jones"). I expected that result.

I just can't figure out how to write the formula to count cells where "Ricky Jones" is listed whether solely or one of multiple names in that cell. I tried this formula: =COUNTIF({Wave 2 Tester}, "*Ricky Jones*") but that didn't work and actually resulted in 0 (so not even getting ones where's he's listed by himself). Any ideas? Thanks!

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