Help with a Function IF(ISBLANK) vs Averageif

I need some help with a function creation. I am trying to do an averageif, but only if all fields are populated. Here is a screenshot:

I'd like to average Team 1 Priority and Team 2 Priority as long as both is filled out. I am getting errors on two formulas I thought would work for this:

=averageif([GSSS Priority]@row:[CX SM Priority]@row, [GSSS Priority]@row > 0 and [cx sm priority]@row > 0)

Error: Unparseable

=IF(ISBLANK([Team 1 Priority]@row:[Team 2 Priority]@row, AVG([Team 1 Priority]@row:[Team 2 Priority]@row)))

Error: Incorrect Argument (probably using isblank wrong, assuming you can't do ranges and/or can only return strings.

Can someone show me the easiest way to do this? Feel like I may be overthinking it. Thanks in advance


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